Thursday, December 30, 2010

How to mount NTFS (Windows) partition on RHEL or CentOS 5 ?

How to mount NTFS (Windows) partition on RHEL or CentOS 5 ?

Here for this tutorial i am using CentOS 5.3 OS, Because you can easily find many open source 3rd party repos to install your any software with its dependency, just in one click.

Or If you are working on RHEL then you can get all the required packages from these two sites,

1. Download fuse & ntfs-3g

fuse: get it from
ntfs-3g: get it from

To install Fuse you need these three packages,

A. fuse
B. fuse-devel
c. fuse-libs

And to install ntfs-3g,

A. ntfs-3g
B. ntfs-3g-devel

To install these two, either install it by taking above rpms separately or by configuring all 3rd Party repos as in my Previous post "How to configure 3rd Party Yum Repo's ?",

Here i have done it by 3rd party repos, which is very easy !!!


#yum install fuse*

#yum install ntfs-3g*

Now, our system is ready to mount NTFS partition,

Check the NTFS Partition device name with "#fdisk -l" command, & mount with

#mount.ntfs-3g /dev/sdb /mnt/

Here i am assuming /dev/sdb is my NTFS device or Partition, & mounted it on /mnt folder.