Thursday, December 30, 2010

How to install .bin files in RHEL or CentOS 5 ?

How to install .bin files in RHEL or CentOS 5 ?

The *.bin files are Self extracting packages just like rpm packages. Here i am installing JAVA 6 with "jre-6u23-linux-i586.bin" package. So take a look ...

To install Java with .bin file, first give it execution permission by

#chmod 777 jre-6u23-linux-i586.bin           (Very important step)

Now just run it with


Installed ... Now to configure any settings you have to see it's manual or README file if provided with package, because every utility have different configuration steps.


  1. I installed is in Centos 6.3 64bit.. But got an error after I installed it "Error running Post Install Script".

    1. There might be a possibility that the provided package is either incompatible to the system or corrupted. Installing .bin file is as easy as installing .exe files. Before picking up any package for installation check it's compatibility to your system.