Thursday, December 30, 2010

How to configure 3rd Party Yum Repo's ?

How to configure 3rd Party Yum Repo's ?

RHEL is Red Hat's enterprise distribution. Generally used for servers that require long life cycles and stability. Based off the development of Fedora. RHEL is sold with support through Red Hat. While support is of great value many users of MythTV may be looking to save money and rely on the community for support. This is where CentOS comes in. Being, RHEL is based on GPL software Red Hat must release the source to the entire OS. CentOS takes the source, removes logo/trademarks of Red Hat and creates CentOS. CentOS is a 100% binary compatible with RHEL packages, so RPMs for EL are good for CentOS.

Enabling DVB;

For some reason CentOS (not sure about RHEL) has DVB disabled by default in the kernel. The fix is easy. You need to install the kernel to do this; So

Enable the plus repo.

#vi /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Base.repo
Here Change

enable=0 to

enable=1 under the [centosplus] section.

#yum update kernel

DVB should now be enabled.

1. Configuring "" Yum Repos :

   Download for (i386 i.e. 32 Bit) and install it,

#rpm -ivh atrpms-package-config-120-3.el5.i386.rpm

   If you are working on (x86_64 i.e. 64Bit), then download & install

#rpm -ivh

   Note : If you are not getting same version then just go to,

   & select proper version of package & install, as it gets install now edit "/etc/yum.repos.d/atrpms.repo" as below,

2. Configuring RPM Forge Repo:

Although RPM Forge is not required for MythTV is provides many packages a home user may want.

On RHEL 5 i386:

#rpm -Uhv

On RHEL 5 x86_64:

#rpm -Uhv

3. Configuring EPEL Repo

EPEL was started because many Fedora contributors wanted to use the Fedora packages they maintain on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and its compatible derivatives.

To install for both i386 and x86-64

#rpm -Uvh

In step 2 & 3, this will be like;

Next, after installing these 3rd Party Repo's, restart

#/etc/init.d/yum-updatesd restart

Now it's ready to fetch any 3rd party package from internet & install in on your Linux box,

To download any 3rd party package,

#yum install ntfs-3g*

_Enjoy :)

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